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Safe driving tips for wet weather

How fast you should drive in the rain? What are the factors affecting driving during raining ? Lets talk about some factors affecting driving in the rain and how you can save yourself (and others!).



Very important factors. Gloomy and darker outside plus raindrop in the mirrors can be very challenging. Which ultimately affecting your ability to judge other drivers speed and make turning and changing lane difficult.


There is no easy way to avoid this while raining. Drive slow and pay extra attention. Gap between two cars should be bigger.


Pay extra attention to spot pedestrian during driving in rain at the night. They are very hard to see at night during rain.


Slippery Road

Probably we all aware of this one. Raining few hours can make the road very slippery. Again drive slow and give wider gap from the front vehicle. You need to be slower than normal during turning because of low traction on the road.


Hard braking

Avoid hard braking. Driver who stays bit closer than normal, would not be able to stop. I witnessed few accidents myself. one of them, the front car brake hard, second card hit him and the third car hit the second one.


Early braking

Braking early and give yourself ample space to stop safely. Ignore any other fast drivers impatient. Your safety is in your hand.



Slower than normal as expected. Again resist the pressure from fast or arrogant drivers. They are the one going to get in trouble. Not you. Choose safe speed judging the road condition. Specially how slippery it is.


Driving is all about habit. We drive automatically. So, when it is raining, we need remind ourselves to focus on driving. Safety always come first.

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