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In the technology age, there is currently an epidemic of distracted drivers on the road. New drivers, and youths in particular, are accustomed to doing several things at once, and the preponderance of smartphones and MP3 players caters to this habit. Distracted drivers are the leading cause of traffic accidents in Australia.


Clearly, this is not safe driving. Operating a motor vehicle takes a good deal of energy to achieve safely, and is not something to be shared among several different devices and priorities. It is common knowledge among insurers and accident inspectors that distracted drivers account for a disproportionate among of traffic accidents these days.


At AMS, we take pains to ensure that we instil safe driving habits in our students. We preach a methodology of preparedness in our students: we believe that while technical devices have a role within the cabin, this is not an active role.


Most of our technological devices can easily be programmed to serve their purpose before shifting the car out of park. If you’re in need of navigation, programme it in the driveway. Create a playlist for the length of your trip the night before. Ensure that you are well-fed, well rested, and that you aren’t going to be in desperate need of a coffee at the halfway point.


At AMS Driving School, we teach Sydney drivers how to operate their vehicles with a degree of car and devotion to safety. We feel that each driver we educate who exhibits these traits serves our fine name better than any marketing. Let us take care of the early stages of your driving career.

AMS Driving School

At AMS, We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality driving lesson near you. at very competitive prices. We are based in Canterbury-Bankstown region and provide driving lesson all around Sydney. Learning driving is not just getting driving licence but is an essential skill for everyday life.