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How to find a good driving school

What do you have to do to find a good driving school? Now a days searching online is a good option. The key words, you can use to search,are very important. Some of the key words are, best driving school Sydney, driving lessons Sydney, driving instructor Sydney, driving classes Sydney or simply driving school Sydney. If you want a local driving school, you can use your own suburb in the key words. such as driving school Bankstown or driving school Canterbury. This will reduce the number of search.


But still, this search will give you tons of driving schools website. Now the hard part is to find the right driving school from them. Here are some useful tips to find a good one.


  1. Read the content of the website. Almost every driving school claims that they are the best in the market. Read carefully their mission, goals or credibility through RTA website. Please, do not read the success stories. They are just stories.
  2. Check the accreditation. If the school has accreditation from RTA. Their instructors are qualified and experienced and accredited.
  3. It is important that the instructor has all the insurance needed. It tells you that the instructor is professional or not.
  4. Read reviews about school in the business directory or online. Not their website.


So, searching with key words “best driving school Sydney”, driving school Sydney, driving lessons Sydney, is just the beginning. May be you would like to give a try to any school. You always have the option to cancel after first lesson, if you really do not like the school. So do not go into long term contract over the phone.


Make a booking for single or introductory lesson. Most of the school has discount rate for introductory lesson. Make long term contract after you really like the instructor.