Do You Really need 120 hr driving to learn driving ?

Do You Really need 120 hr driving to learn driving ?

We make rules to make life easier. But that is not the case always.Sometimes, with rigid rules, we force people to do the wrong things.

Few years back you needed only 50-logbookhrs driving to qualify for the driving test. But now you need 120 hrs driving in the logbook. How hard it is to get the hrs done?

I can tell you some names like Cristen, Carol from online or numerous names from my own driving school who find it very difficult to do 120-logbookhrs driving. An overseas student who does not have parents or relatives around finds it impossible to fill the hours. Taking 120 hr lessons from any driving school is overwhelmingly expensive and time consuming.

A family where father is the only driver, it’s going to be really difficult. One cannot practice every day. Ideally, people practice once or twice on the weekends, which would easily take 60/120 weeks to complete the 120 driving hours. That if you do not miss any week. In real life, things are not so smooth always, and this process can take up to150/200 weeks easily. Put into perspective, this would mean 2/4 years to get your hrs done.

A person who can drive confidently after 20/30 hr practice in 3/4 months time, we are pushing him back 3/4 years.

So what do people do when they confront this situation? They find the other way to do it. They simply write the hrs in the logbook. RMS does not have any means to verify this. Maybe with the introduction of the digital logbook tracking will be easier for RMS.

I would here like to share my experience as driving instructor for nearly 5 years. I’ll share how long it really takes to learn and drive on the road.

I have few students who passed the driving test from RMS (standard in Australia) after taking only 10 hr lesson. Only 10 hrs practice and they become good drivers. Also, I have some students who needs 50 hr lesson (though it’s a very limited number). This is the highest number needed so far by any of my students. Ideally, between 10-50 hr practice will suffice for all kinds of students, which was really the requirements before. In England, they do not require any logbook hr to attempt the test, and the busiest city in the world – NewYork needs only 50 hrs practice to take part in the test.

More than 95% people need only 10 to 20 hrs driving practice to successfully pass the test. And we safely assume that another. 20/30 hr practice will make them a lot safer and efficient.

If 120 hrs practice makes a driver safe, then we should not see so many casualties on our roads. However, the main reasons for the accidents is alcohol, drugs, speeding and reckless driving, which cannot be fixed by 120 hrs driving practice.

When I was doing the driving instructor course with L Trent driving school (biggest in Sydney), I was taught to increase the lesson for my own benefit. So,if a student needs five lesson to learn something you make it eight.

Why make rules that cause difficulty to people and don’t make real sense? Why stretch the driving hours to so much that people find it impossible to complete the course and they start to dupe the system.

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